//Luggage theft when travelling – how to stop

Luggage theft when travelling – how to stop

Luggage theft is a widespread thing. Airplane luggage were and still are an important issue when you travel with any airline company. What you are allowed to put in your luggage, what is forbidden? How many kg checked baggage can have, what are the hand luggage dimensions? These rules vary from company to company, but only in very small measure.

Luggage theft – were and who

But what is common to all airports in the world?To all airports the passengers are advised not to put in their checked baggage money, jewelry, precious metals, laptop, personal electronic devices, documents, passports or other identity documents. Why?
A search on Google about luggage theft and a name of a country or an airport will found almost always results, theft being a widespread thing. Who are the perpetrators and how they are committing the thefts? The head of Air Transport Police, sub-commissioner Valeriu Surduleac, explained. “The luggage theft are being committed on the distance between the aircraft hold and location of the luggage storage and authors are the luggage handlers “, he said (http://www.evz.ro/furtul-din-bagaje-noua-teapa-pe-aeroport-982016.html).

And there are extremely favorable circumstances. The bags are accessible for the airport employees in the basement, away from other people’s eyes.
So is our responsibility to protect ourselves.

What can we do:

We can lock the luggage with a padlock on the zipper. But zippers can be opened with a pen and after can be closed without leaving any trace.

We can wrap the luggage with stretch foil. It’s true that, as it was applied once, the foil can be applied a second time. However, luggage is more difficult to open and theft is less likely because it takes too more operations and the thieves time is limited.

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