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It is a luggage seal and the easiest way to protect your luggage

TRAVELSEAL is a luggage seal and is the easiest way to protect your unattended luggage. It can be opened only once and cannot be reclosed without trace. Each luggage seal TRAVELSEAL is engraved with a unique security number which cannot be changed without your notice. It contains 5 seals and a luggage tag card.

Sigilii bagaje TRAVELSEAL

When to use TRAVELSEAL?

Whenever your luggage is unattended or it is supervised by someone else. When you are traveling by plane, by bus or by other means and you don’t have your luggage under permanent surveillance. When leaving your luggage in storage rooms at the hotel, at the reception or in any other unattended place.

Why to use the security system TRAVELSEAL?

Over time there were registered many thefts from baggage and their number is increasing every year, especially when handling them in the airports or in the aircraft hold. Baggage handlers or those who oversee the luggage have usually low incomes and the temptation of making additional earnings it’s maximum.

How it works?

TRAVELSEAL locks the sliders of the luggage zipper to the handle or any other fixed point on the luggage, making it impossible to open the bag without leaving traces. After you have secured your luggage / bag with TRAVELSEAL, make a photo of the seal in order to have a record of the unique ID number. When you pick up your luggage at the destination or from the storage, check the integrity of the seal and it’s ID number.

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